One of the questions we get asked the most is how to create a stunning bracelet stack. To help you out, we've put together some tips and tricks.

Bracelet stacks are a fantastic way to showcase your personality and personal style. Bracelets hold a special place in our hearts because they were the accessory that launched our company. 

Here are our top tips and tricks:

Tip 1: Balance Your Look

Think about what you're wearing. If you have a big, bold necklace on, keep your bracelet stack simple so it doesn’t get too busy. If your necklace is small, or you're not wearing one, go ahead and add more bracelets to your bracelet stack.

Tip 2: Start with a Statement Piece

Pick a bracelet that really stands out. This will be the main piece in your bracelet stack. We love a bright ZO or an 8 mm vinyl bracelet for a fun start. If you like something more neutral, try the Gloria or the versatile Avery.

Tip 3: Mix Sizes and Textures

Mixing different sizes and textures keeps your bracelet stack interesting. Pair chunky bracelets with delicate ones. Combine materials like metals, vinyl, and beads. For example, you can match a thick metal bangle with a slim beaded bracelet or a textured vinyl piece in your bracelet stack.

Tip 4: Add a Pop of Color

Add some color to make your bracelet stack lively. Pick colors that go well with your outfit. For a fun summer look, add some bright colors. Make sure the colors in your bracelet stack look good together.

Tip 5: Layer Thoughtfully

Layer your bracelets in a way that looks balanced. Start with your main piece and add around it, putting the chunkier bracelets in the middle and slimmer ones towards the ends. This way, your bracelet stack will look neat and stylish.

Tip 6: Have Fun!

Stacking is all about having a blast and pairing bracelets that you absolutely love. Let your personality shine in your bracelet stack! Remember, our tips are just guidelines, not hard-and-fast rules. Some of our best bracelet stacks break the rules entirely. So go wild, mix it up, and create a bracelet stack that’s uniquely you. The sky’s the limit!

Example Stack: Resort Ready Bracelet Stack

Here’s a fun example of how to put together the Resort Ready stack using some of our favorites:

Start Bold: Begin with the vibrant Lemon Zo.

Add Texture: Mix it up with the Kylie and Mary Catherine bracelets.

Pop of Color: Brighten things up with the Rhea Seed Bead, Edie Seed Bead, and Camelia Vinyl 6mm.

Mix and Match: Play around with different materials like the Yellow Razzle and Leighton.

Finish Strong: Wrap it all up with the versatile Dallas.

By following these tips, you’ll create a fun bracelet stack that shows off your personal style. 

Happy stacking!

Molly Wilson