The founders—and friends—behind this covetable, up-and-coming collection of stackable bracelets

Jewelry design was not on the radar for Allie or Bess, two style-savvy Dallas moms who know all about juggling busy schedules. Both were working in the medical field when they met in 2010 (Allie, an occupational therapist; Bess, a speech pathologist) and became fast friends. Ten years—and numerous life changes—later, the pair were having coffee, contemplating their next chapter. “We were both burned out on the medical setting,” says Bess. “While therapy does have a creative element, we wanted a different way to express our artistic side.”

Introducing Allie + Bess Bracelets

The idea came about organically. “Both of us have always loved fashion and wore a lot of bracelets,” says Allie. “As moms to young babies, it’s hard to wear big earrings or necklaces they can pull on.” Bracelets were an easier (not to mention, safer) option. “We weren’t really loving what was in the market,” adds Bess. “But then we saw these vinyl beads and fell in love with them.” 

The next step? Teaching themselves how to make bracelets using a mix of beads sourced from all over the world. Among their favorites: vulcanite, a higher-end African bead available in a rainbow of colors. Adding in Indian gold discs upped the chic factor. Each bracelet also features five black vinyl beads, representing the pair’s five children. 

“It’s fun seeing what we can do with them,” says Bess. The possibilities are limitless. Despite having very different looks—Allie is more trendy and funky; Bess, classic and timeless—they’re able to convey their own unique aesthetic by the way they style their bracelets. With the word out—and demand up—work has become the new norm. “As a company, amazing things have happened to us in the last six months. From here, it’s keeping up the momentum,” says Bess.

Worldwide origins. Hand-made in Dallas.

Allie + Bess’ flat, uniform, ethically-sourced signature beads are crafted by Ghanaian artisans. Also called record or vulcanized heishi beads, they have great texture and are available in an extensive array of colorations. The line-up also includes bracelets made of decorative, hand-dyed and carved bone African beads. Each piece is individually designed and hand-made in Dallas. Plus, there’s no limit to the ways you can wear them: one or an entire armful, trendy or classic, dressed up or down.  Or mix and match with your own jewelry to make a more personalized statement.