Dive into summer with our exclusive waterproof collab. Perfect your poolside look with vinyl designs, pink beads, and navy accents.

 Hey A+B Besties! Welcome to our BLOG! We're so so excited to launch this, giving you a fresh way to explore our collections with deeper stories and personalities behind each piece. 

We are excited to kick off with our waterproof jewelry collection, featuring the fabulous Catherine Kaiser Martin from Mix and Matched Madness.

Catherine perfectly aligns with our brand, and we're stoked to share her input on our new pool-to-party collection. Let's dive in!



Tell us a little bit about yourself?

 I often say I am a life + style chaos coordinator showing busy gals how to mix and match with equal parts method & madness.

As an over 40 mom of 3 married to my college sweetheart (20 years in May). When it comes to fashion, I focus on versatility and ways to mix and match looks and find pieces that can be dressed up or down with a simple change or shoes/accessories!

My home is a lot like my closet- a little of this and a little of that! When asked about my home decor style, I say I am very traditional with a side of funk! 

When it comes to my time and calendar, while still a picture of mixing and matching (ubering my little loves, working when I can carve the time, volunteering with some of the awesome organizations we have here in our community, squeezing in date times with JT), my ultimate goal is to be present with the people I am with - something not always easy for this to-do list filled mind.


 How did you get started in the world of influencing?

 I honestly don’t even think I qualify as being an “influencer” Haha… I really think of it as doing life with my mix-and-match community and sharing things I love or systems we try at our house and things like that, just like I would if we were sitting across the table from each other at a coffee shop. I’ve been doing that for years with friends and women and children for years in person.

 One of my biggest balcony friends, Natasha, is who encouraged me to do what I was doing in person with people on social media years ago and the rest is history. I really don’t know that I would have ever had the confidence to create what is now known as Mix and Match Madness without her cheering.



What sets your collection apart?

Well, the fact that you can wear any of the waterproof jewelry pieces to the pool during the day and then seamlessly transition into a party dress without needing to change your water-resistant accessories… it’s like an easy button. I’m always accessorized, so if it's me, I'm definitely adding the Sophie Trio Bracelet.


How did you choose the names of the pieces in your collection?

Well, one of my favorite things about Allie & Bess is… Allie + Bess! I absolutely love supporting, working with, and celebrating incredible women. SO… when they asked me about naming these waterproof jewelry pieces, it wasn’t hard—three of the most important girls/women in my life are my own daughters and my sister.

Kaiser is 15 and one of the deepest thinkers and feelers I know. It's incredible to watch her spot the mom at the pool who needs a little break and then watch her start playing with the children, so the mom can have that break. I hope I notice people around me the way she does and act quickly to help in any way I can to lighten their load.

Mary Catherine is 13 and, gosh, her life hasn’t been easy. She has overcome so many obstacles—and most always with a smile. It doesn’t matter to her if she’s known you her whole life or hasn’t even met you, she seeks others and never wants anyone to feel alone. How different would our world be if everyone walked into each day looking to make others feel included?

Lolly, otherwise known as Lauren, is an amazing artist who just happens to be my sister. We talk about a million times a day and try to see each other as often as possible. She did give me the aunt's name Bossy, but meant it out of total love, RIGHT LOLLY? Ha! But in all reality, she has a lot going on in her own life, yet always drops whatever it is to help me or be there for me in any way. Sometimes it's running an errand, proofing an email/blog, or cleaning up my closet, but what’s most appreciated is that she is there every time I have something to celebrate, vent about, or anything in between. We bugged our parents our whole lives that we wished we had a third sibling, but the reality is, no one could be as fabulous as her!

So, while we're wearing these beautiful beaded jewelry stacks in the pool or at a party, what if we could channel our inner Kaiser, Mary Catherine, and Lolly? What if we noticed how we could help the people around us, always looked around to see who needed to feel more included, and were willing to stop our own agendas to be there for others? I’d say that would make for a world-changing summer, don’t you think?


What sparked your design inspiration, especially the pink and navy colors?

I’m all about versatility and mixing and matching, so when I started talking with A + B and Taylor about creating these fun jewelry stacks, I knew I wanted to do something that was easy to wear and took little time to think about coordinating. All things blue and pink are my favorite. I think they are perfect neutrals (in my eyes) that go with everything. Black bathing suit? Give it a pop of color with pink and navy. Pink suit? Add depth with different shades and a grounding navy punch. Printed cocktail dress? Pink and navy look good with everything, and even better if the colors aren’t an exact match. Red party attire? I love pink and red, and of course, navy is a summertime essential.


Do you have a favorite piece from your collection?

I’m going to be honest, each time I look at them or put them on, a different one becomes my favorite. This is like asking me to pick a favorite child, literally—ha. If I had to narrow it down to one, I would have to say the Lolly Necklace and Bracelet. The Lolly bead is absolutely beautiful. It’s almost like a tie-dye. I feel like it looks so perfect in the stack, and it's also easy to wear alone.



What does your perfect pool day look like?

A lot of sitting around, visiting with friends and family, sipping beverages, and snacking. I may or may not tease my children by saying that I buy the kind of bathing suits that can’t get wet (insert clenched teeth emoji), so my perfect day doesn’t include swimming laps, or a cannonball of my own, but it does involve lots of splash contests I am judging. I definitely would have an umbrella helping shade the top half of my body.  


What's your favorite poolside snack?

 Oh, there are so many to name- I’m really not a picky snacker, just need snacks! I love some Ponchos cheese dip and chips, but if I’m not at a place that's easily accessible, I do find Pringles to be the perfect on-the-go snack because they break less than a chip bag. You gotta think about these things, ya know? 


What's your favorite genre of music to listen to by the pool? 

I’m pretty much a country girl but recently have been loving non-country songs the girls have been introducing me to. Kaiser is the queen of making playlists, so does “Kaiser’s playlist” count as a genre? If not, I would say whatever genre would include: Garth Brooks, Ben Rector, Ellie Holcomb, and a little Adele. (told you, I’m mix and match in just about every area of life)


What do you always pack in pool bag?

 Turkish tee towel, sunglasses, water bottle, sunscreen, lip gloss, and SNACKS + a book that rarely gets opened. JT always has the speaker, so that’s there-just not weighing down my bag.



Dive into summer with our exclusive pool-to-party collection, meticulously crafted with love and versatility in mind. With our new vinyl necklaces and waterproof pieces, you can make a splash without worrying about your accessories. Stay tuned for more exciting insights and behind-the-scenes stories right here on the Allie+Bess blog!









Allie Wardlaw