Get ready to celebrate because the wait is finally over!

Our adorable trinket trays have arrived! We've teamed up with the incredible Tart By Taylor to bring you trinket trays that are bursting with color and good vibes. Read on to learn more about how this collaboration came to be.


How The Trays Came To Be

At Allie+Bess, we love making things that make you smile. So, when you asked for stylish storage for your jewelry, we got to work.

Enter Tart by Taylor. If you haven't had the pleasure of encountering Tart by Taylor yet, let us introduce you. Taylor Dean, the powerhouse behind Tart by Taylor, is a fellow small business owner hailing from Dallas. Her mission? Infusing color, fun, and boundless joy into every coaster, tray, and frame she creates – a mission that resonates deeply with our ethos of bringing vibrant pops of color to your wardrobe.

Together with Tart by Taylor, we dreamed up a collection of trinket trays that are as cute as they are practical.


The Trays

Now let’s dive into the story behind each of the trays.

XO TRINKET TRAY: Inspired by our iconic smiley that welcomes you into our lobby, this little gem is like a ray of sunshine for your jewelry collection. Whether you're storing your favorite Allie+Bess pieces or keeping your trinkets safe, the XO Trinket Trais the perfect home for all things shiny and bright.

WORKHORSE TRINKET TRAY: The Workhorse Trinket Tray owes its name to a beloved tale from the Allie+Bess archives. If you've been with us from the start, you'll remember the story of the funny bunny necklace – our milky white beaded beauty that's a true MVP. Dubbed the "workhorse" during a Live session, the name stuck, becoming synonymous with our most cherished pieces. And thus, the Workhorse Trinket Tray was born, offering a dedicated home for your favorite jewels.


Our Favorite Ways To Use The Trays

While these 5 by 5 trinket trays are tailor-made for your jewelry, they're versatile enough to brighten up any corner of your home. Use them to add a pop of color to your coffee table, corral your keys in style, or simply brighten up any corner of your home. We can't wait to see how you make them your own – be sure to share how you use your tray with us @shopalliebess!


Closing Note

We're so excited to share these trinket trays with you! Head over to Tart by Taylor to discover more treasures for your home, and don't forget to treat yourself to some Allie+Bess magic. Here's to adding a touch of fun to every aspect of your life!
Allie Wardlaw